Lahna sampler:


All the Lahna-artists related hassle/information/inquiries/interviews/gigs etc. can be settled by using this contact information. The very same contact information applies also to record orders for individual customers and for records stores as well. Just tell us what you want and we'll ship it to you. Possible payment options are PayPal or wire transfer to our bank account.



1. See, we don't have a fully automatic shopping cart system (yet).
2. You shouldn't be afraid of step number 1.
3. E-mail your order to the address above. Please include your name and postal address.
4. We'll reply to you confirming your order and settling the payment method.
5. The records (and possibly some seasonal bonuses) will be shipped to you asap.
6. Return to our webpage after listening to the records and continue from step number 3.

Thank you and enjoy.