1. Party island 5ive
2. Little reaper
3. (Don't) write it on the wall
4. Moshi Moshi
5. Watch the spikes

Members of Cold Rat have carried on musical adventures in wide variety of line-ups (e.g. Los Huevos Muertos, Turmion Kätilöt, Comma Minus Point, MOS6581), so Terror of The Imaginary Child is of a healthy breed with properly mixed genes. There are two actual fathers behind the record assisted by carefully selected studio-labour-line-up resulting into a process where only the most fruitful of the mothers were present at the act of giving birth to the imaginary child.

Cold Rat is a melodic and rosy-cheeked, but yet thoughful tomboy swaddled in a pleasant digipak diaper and put into a sandpit of size and shape of each song. Uncles often label this newborn as progressive stoner-rock - aunts are more happy with alternative softcore heavypop definition.