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RAPPED YOUTH - Insane in the Finland

Rapped Youth, founded in 2000, is a compelling hiphop group from eastern Finland consisting of two MCs Desert R and Homespirit P assisted by DJ Government's DJ and low-end producer Weed Jay. Due to a very original "nasal flow" of the leading MC Desert R and early performances of Cypress Hill cover songs translated in finnish the group has been labeled as a "Cypress Hill of the northern taiga". Even though some musical (and methodological) similarities between these two can be found, Rapped Youth is a unique hiphop phenomenon and bows to nothing and no-one - not even to their own genre. Consequently, the band itself defines their style being "modern rap-hop from the east-coast of Finland".
Majority of the over 50 songs the group has recorded have been intentionally kept underground or within their own hood, far away from parental councils. Only a bunch of carefully selected gems have been allowed to be released openly by Lahna Records.
The word is out that Rapped Youth would be smoking, spitting and squealing out a new record by the end of 2010.

Rapped Youth: Jaska & Mä

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Rapped Youth: Mä pieksän sut
CD-R EP (2000)


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